Geek Bar Vape


      World's First Full Screen GEEK BAR PULSE VAPE

      Capsule-looked, Battery&E-juice Display

      Stay in control your battery and E-juice capacities with the full screen display. During vaping and charging, the screen displays different cosmic-style animations.

      Experience the crisp and refreshing taste of Geek Bar Pulse Vape. This cutting-edge disposable vape features a comprehensive full-screen display, enabling you to effortlessly track your battery life and e-liquid consumption. Powered by dual mesh coil and dual-core technology, the Geek Bar Pulse delivers exceptional flavor consistency and dense vapor production, elevating your vaping pleasure to new heights.

      Double Vapor, Performance Up


      The enhanced airflow and 20W output deliver dense vapor and full flavor, elevating vapor performance 200% up than ever before!

      High Flavor Consistency on Low Battery


      Due to the control of dual cores, the two mesh coils heat up in alternating fashion. This ensures taste high consistency even on low battery.

      Board the Spaceship, Travel to Fruit Planet

      Immerse yourself in a world of futuristic with space capsule-inspired exterior. Embark on a fruit planet tasting journey like never before.

      High-comfort, Bite-friendly Mouthpiece

      The mouthpiece features a transparent shell design and uses moderate hardness materials, which enhances the health and comfort of your vaping experience.